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What is DePlutus?

DePlutus social Investment Protocol is a social investment protocol in the cryptocurrency space that connects regular and professional investors.

DePlutus protocol creates more liquidity and fairer trading opportunities by connecting professional investors with ordinary investors.

Helping professional investors: create more asset portfolios with their own ETFs that can be tracked and managed at the atomic level through the smart contract-based AssetPool.

Helping the average investor: to rationalize leverage and gain more liquidity and investment opportunities by following investments and making expected return asset compositions.

How do the DePlutus protocol work

Expert: expert is the professional investor. He builds his own decentralized-fund (DFund) by creating his own AssetPool, which he leads, and trades on DEX through the DePlutus protocol, receiving a share of the proceeds as set by the protocol.

Followers: Followers is the ordinary investor. Get the expected passive return by joining the DFUND created by the EXPERT. And get more liquidity by MINTing out the corresponding DF-Token through DePlutus protocol. As well as making recurring investments.

AssetPool: Each DFDUND corresponds to an AssetPool, which is managed by expert for trading, and CCT ROT for executing trade orders and light settlement at expiration.

Creat&Settlement protocol: Called by Expert to create the AssetPool used by the decentralized-fund and to clear the proceeds according to the contract parameters.

mint&burn DF-Token Protocol: Called by Followers, they participate in the investment of the decentralized-fund and synthesize the investment certificate DF Token of the DFUND, which can be transferred freely and immediately.

LP rewards protocol:Hold the investment certificate DF Token of each DFUND and make liquidity market on Uniswap to get DePlutus Token reward.

Trading Rot: Since the funds of DFUND are in the AssetPool of the functional contract, it is open and transparent; expert does not have the authority to withdraw the funds of the AssetPool in advance of execution, and expert's trading orders are executed through Trading Rot to the AssetPool for buying and selling of the underlying of the trade in Whitelist The trading orders of the expert are executed on the AssetPool through Trading Rot.

What is DF Token

DF Token

When each DFUND is created, DePlutus Protocol automatically generates an investment credential, the DF Token.

DF Token Trade

Ordinary investors' DF Token can be freely transferred The DF Token corresponding to the Self-fund portion of the fund manager will be locked until the end of the fund.

DF Token Pool& Stake Reward

The DePlutus protocol encourages regular investors to gain more liquidity in their assets and followers to actively trade DF Token and have a better experience.

The DePlutus protocol automatically creates trading pairs on Uniswap for each DF Token. Holders of DF Token and USDT can provide liquidity in the Uniswap trading pool, stake the liquid LP Token, and receive a liquidity bonus from DePlutus.

DePlutus LP Reward

DePlutus also automatically creates trading pairs for itself on Uniswap. Holders of DePlutus and USDT can provide liquidity in the Uniswap pool and receive a liquidity bonus.

What is DePlutus Token

DePlutus Token is the governance coin of DePlutus Protocol. It is not publicly offered and does not have a dividend function.

All DePlutus holders decide DePlutus Protocol rules, protocol rates, transaction whitelist, etc. through community governance.

The total amount of DePlutus TOKEN is 1 billion

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For Developers

  • Read the developers guide
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